The Perfect Product Manager Resume

You're Amazing!

Your Resume Should Show It

Are you having problems getting interviews when you apply to jobs? It's not you - it's your resume

I've reviewed hundreds of product manager resumes just in 2024 - and most are terrible!

  • They're boring.
  • They all sound the same.
  • They are hard to read.
  • And most importantly: These product managers are amazing but they don't sound amazing in their resumes.

I am here to help amazing people like you sound amazing in your resume. 

Why? Your resume is your sales letter, and your goal with a sales letter is to get the reader - in this case, the hiring manager - to take action.

To bring you in for an interview!

If your resume is boring and doesn't show how amazing you are - you won't get the interview.

Characteristics of A Resume That Gets The Hiring Manager To Take Action

It Keeps The Hiring Manager Reading

They can quickly see you are the person they are looking for, you've done useful and interesting things, and you have some differentiators. 

It provides A Solution

Your resume shows you understand the hiring manager's problem and how they are suffering  - and how you solve their suffering.

It differentiates You

Why should they consider hiring you over potentially dozens of other equally "qualified" candidates? 

It Tells The Stories Of Your Success

Your impact is shown in your resume’s bullet points - tiny summaries of your biggest successes, the ones you will share in interviews.

What I Will Do For yOu

I'll make your resume into a sales page for you (still in the format of a resume!)

It's going to instantly answer the hiring manager's questions:

  • Are you the right kind of person? Do you know how to do the job they need done?
  • What's special about you?

I craft a summary section to keep the hiring manager reading past the first 10 seconds.

They start to get excited at this point so they keep reading.

Then, we need them to read at least one of your bullet points and get even more excited, because they'll quickly see that you are amazing and have had a big impact.

I'll work with you on extracting the stories of your most impressive accomplishments. Then work them into must-read bullet points (and show you how I do it).

Bonus: I'll also train you how to tell those stories with the biggest impact in your job interviews.

Next, I'll show you how to use quantitative data and qualitative data in your stories and your results.

I'll give you my rules for job titles in your Experience section.

I'll guide you on what to put in your Skills section.

And the result will be a resume that has a significantly better chance of ending up on the "Keep" pile.

More bonuses: You'll get my template for "The Perfect Product Manager Resume." And you'll get my "Personal Success Story" template and cheatsheet. Each of those is a $50 value.

Sign up for a free consultation today. I'll review your resume with you and give you suggestions - at no cost! And then we'll discuss my "done for you" resume writing offer.

 get to know us 

I'll Be Working With You One-on-One

Nils Davis

Nils is a long time enterprise software product manager, product management thought leader, author of The Secret Product Manager Handbook, and host of the Secrets of Product Management podcast.

 One of his many passions is helping product managers strategize and accelerate their careers. 

 What you'll get 

During Our Engagement

  • 01 - The Basics

  • 02 - Bonuses

  • 03 - Personalized Offer

  • 04 - Next Steps

The program includes three 50-minute sessions where we review your resume, elicit your stories, and practice mock interviews. 

You get a "done for you" resume, crafted by me using the Perfect Product Management Resume template. I craft a personalized Summary section (including differentiators), and a refined Experience section based on the stories of your own successes.

This resume can be used as is. And it will be the basis for customized versions you create for different job applications.

You will have at least one or two polished and practiced stories of your own success to use in job interviews. And training on how to develop your stories on your own.

You will have my rules and guidelines for resume polishing, including how to customize your resume for different job applications.


Get An Amazing Resume, Showing off Your Amazing Self, Done For You by Nils Davis